Organic Beekeepers father to son since 1973

Family business rooted in values of respect for the environment. Since 2008 our production is certified organic farming

Maurice BELVAL was professional beekeeper from 1973 to 2002. A pioneer in organic farming, it has long been affiliated with the agro-organic production method Lemaire-Boucher. He made his stock by buying Cévenols hives to retiring beekeepers. He assured throughout his career a follow-up to his colonies and selected the strongest strains on the black bee local Cevenne's ecotype. Retired from the Apiculture, since 2002, he continues to live along the seasons in Sallefermouse together with his family.

 Olivier BELVAL took over the family business in 2002 and has worked to upgrade equipment while maintaining a strong culture of quality. Committed to a sustainable vision of beekeeping, it practices sustainable agriculture. He puts into practice the organic specification for beekeeping without labeling his production. He systematized selection by computerizing the tracking of colonies. Heir to a herd in quality genetic heritage, he strives to preserve while selecting the best strains.

In 2012, following the increase in activity, the honey farm moved into a new honey house twice as large. The building is connected to the collective wood energy boiler of the hamlet and the hot water is produced from solar energy. 

 Since 2008 our production is certified organic farming