The winter of 2016-2017 resulted in an unprecedented bee mortality on our farm!

More than 50% of our hives died for reasons that remain unknown up to now. Investigations are underway with the Veterinary Services and the Regional Plant Protection Service (SRPV) to try to determine the origin of this unprecedented disaster affecting our farm. Since 1973, we have never seen such a high level of loss. All hypotheses are under study: varroa destructor, Asian hornet, pesticides, a bee disease, a weather effect ... For now, no precise diagnosis is advanced.

In the meantime, we are calling for help to buy back 250 certified organic swarms.

Updated April 05.

And the hecatomb continues ...

On the eve of the arrival of the veterinarian mandated by the administration, we made a new point on the condition of our hives:

Between January 31, when we launched the alert and April 5, 58 more hives died.

There are only 173 living hives left, of which about fifty are in critical condition.